Cleveland Poet Wallstreet Wes Uses Gifts to Give Back


Wesley Robinson also known as “WallStreet Wes” is a prolific poet veteran, business owner, educator, event host, and creator. Known for his strong sense of compassion for people, great sense of humor and heart of servitude.

Wallstreet Wes's story is one of struggle and triumph. He continues to give back to his community on a regular basis even after serving 10 years in prison for aggravated robbery. It was during his time incarcerated where he not only used poetry as a flashlight in the darkness of his mind, but Wes also went on to teach other men poetry in hopes to help their mental health. It was there he was deemed the Poets Laureate of the prison system, a position he still holds to this day.

WallStreet Wes now uses poetry to help his community and the very prisons that he once was imprisoned in himself and uses poetry to shed light on mental health. WallStreet Wes is the perfect fit for any event that has meaning. His charisma connects him directly to any crowd, young or grown.

The award-winning Poet has since been certified by the Cleveland Clinic in Mental Health First aid for adults & children, sponsored by Comma Club Clothing, and partnered with New Visions Unlimited (Mental Health Services).

Wes also has the ability to tailor any poetry event or class to the specific requests of those that want to learn from him, or he can be an excellent addition to your event with thought provoking heartfelt poetry, wisdom and pure inspiration.

For more information, follow @wallstreet_wes_gmtd on Instagram.

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