SoundExchange Joins Human Artistry Campaign to Protect Creator Royalties


oundExchange, the premier music-tech organization powering the future of music, announced today during SXSW 2023 in Austin, Texas, the founding of the Human Artistry CampAIgn along with more than 40 organizations, including the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), The Recording Academy, AFL-CIO, and SAG-AFTRA. 

The coalition brings together organizations from music and other industries potentially impacted by artificial intelligence (AI) and outlines foundational principles for supporting human creativity while embracing opportunities presented by AI.

"Artificial intelligence is a powerful, still-emerging technology that presents unique challenges as it matures in the creative arts space," said Michael Huppe, President and CEO of SoundExchange. "We embrace the responsible use of AI as a tool that spurs the continuing evolution of human-created works. At the same time, recent advancements in AI have underscored the need to develop consensus on responsible use and to address important intellectual property concerns. Our culture and our technology must respect the foundational role that all creators play in AI's ultimate output."

The principles put forth by the coalition include:

  • Technology has long empowered human expression, and AI will be no different.
  • Human-created works will continue to play an essential role in our lives. 
  • Use of copyrighted works, and use of the voices and likenesses of professional performers, requires authorization, licensing, and compliance with all relevant state and federal laws. 
  • Governments should not create new copyright or other IP exemptions that allow AI developers to exploit creators without permission or compensation. 
  • Copyright should only protect the unique value of human intellectual creativity. 
  • Trustworthiness and transparency are essential to the success of AI and protection of creators. 
  • Creators' interests must be represented in policymaking.

SoundExchange's support for the Human Artistry CampAIgn is consistent with the organization's use of technology, data, and advocacy to ensure creators are paid for their work. SoundExchange is a critical source of revenue for more than 600,000 music creators and has distributed more than $9 billion in digital royalties to date.

In addition to SoundExchange, coalition members include AFL-CIO; American Association of Independent Music; American Federation of Musicians; Americana Music Association; American Photographic Artists; Artist Rights Alliance; Artist Rights Watch; ASCAP; Association of American Publishers; Black Music Action Coalition; BPI; Christian Music Trade Association; Church Music Publishers Association; Concept Art Association; Department of Professional Employees, AFL-CIO; European Composer and Songwriter Alliance; Future of Music Coalition; Georgia Music Partners; Global Music Rights; Gospel Music Association; Graphic Artists Guild; IFPI; International Federation of Actors; #IRespectMusic; Living Legends Foundation; MLB Players Association; Music Artists Coalition; Music Tech Policy; Music Workers Alliance; National Music Publishers' Association; News Media Alliance; NFL Players Association; NHL Players' Association; Professional Photographers of America; Recording Academy; Recording Industry Association of America; Rhythm & Blues Foundation; SAG-AFTRA; SESAC, Songwriters of North America; and The Trichordist. Organizations interested in signing the petition can do so at

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