Columbus City Attorney Seeks to Declare Doll House Strip Club a Public Nuisance Following Murder


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The Columbus City Attorney's Office has taken legal action against the owners of the Doll House strip club in the Northland neighborhood of the city, following a fatal shooting incident that occurred in January. The lawsuit, filed by City Attorney Zach Klein, is seeking a preliminary injunction to close down the club until the owners can demonstrate that they are capable of addressing the safety and security concerns that have plagued the establishment.

The Doll House has been closed since the January shooting incident, which resulted in the death of one man and left three others injured. The city attorney's office is seeking to declare the strip club a public nuisance and is asking the Franklin County Environmental Court to order its closure for a period of up to one year, or until the owners can demonstrate that they have taken the necessary steps to improve safety and security at the club.

In recent years, the Doll House has been the site of several violent incidents, including shootings and stabbings, which have prompted concern among city officials and local residents. In September of last year, five people were wounded in a shooting just outside the club, and Columbus police have responded to the club over 180 times in the past year for incidents ranging from fights and overdoses to sex crimes and burglaries.

To reopen the club and keep it operational, the owners will be required to take steps to improve safety, such as hiring additional security personnel, installing better lighting, or installing metal detectors, according to City Attorney Zach Klein. The Doll House has faced objections from the Columbus City Council in recent months, and the club's liquor permit is scheduled for a hearing later this year before the Ohio Division of Liquor Control.

The lawsuit names Yelena Nersesian and Armenak Stepanian of Reynoldsburg, Raisa Gunkina of Columbus, and operator Greg Flaig of Gahanna as the responsible parties for the club, which is owned by 1680 Properties Ltd. The owners and operator of the club could not be reached for comment, and the club has been closed since the January shooting incident.

Despite the legal action taken by the city, the lawyer representing The Doll House, Edward Hastie, has stated that his client is committed to working with the city and law enforcement to improve safety protocols at the venue. Dave Paul, who co-chairs the Northland Community Council's development committee, has expressed support for the City Council's objections to the renewal of The Doll House's liquor permit, and for the action taken by City Attorney Zach Klein. According to Paul, problems at the club have become increasingly prevalent in recent years, leading to increased concern among local residents.


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